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Mar 8, 2017

Guardianships in Oregon: What Reforms are Needed?

Training - 030817The Oregon legislature is considering making changes to guardianship proceedings which would include uniform policies throughout the state with respect to court appointed visitors.  The visitor occupies an important place in a guardianship proceeding.  The visitor’s job is to interview and evaluate the respondent (i.e., the person who is alleged to be in need of a guardian) and then report back to the court with a recommendation whether or not to appoint a guardian. Judges … Read more

Sep 27, 2013

Estate Planning – It’s Just as Much Life Planning as it is Death Planning

I had a potential client call me earlier in the week asking me if he needed a will.  The caller wasn’t married and had no children or grandchildren.  He didn’t own any real property.  All of his bank accounts had payable on death beneficiaries and he owned minimal personal property.  He had the perfect plan; nothing was going to pass through probate so he didn’t think he needed a will.

Maybe he doesn’t need a … Read more