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Feb 14, 2018

Win a Free Divorce for Valentine’s Day

Are you a Valentine’s Day hater?  Then you might get a kick out of a contest an Arkansas law firm ran where the prize was a free uncontested divorce.  At first glance the contest seems to be anti-love; however, the rules specify that the divorce must be uncontested. If not affection, an uncontested divorce at least requires indifference or civility, which might suggest some residual love. At least it’s possible that perhaps (some) divorce attorneys … Read more

Feb 7, 2018

The Hefty Legal Background of US Presidents

Mt. RushmoreDID YOU KNOW?

Presidents’ Day is fast approaching and got us wondering: how many of the 45 US presidents were first lawyers?  More than half (25), which is a whopping 55.56%!  Check out this article if you’re interested in finding out which ones started out in the legal profession along with some little-known facts about each.

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Feb 1, 2018

LEGAL ASSISTANT’S CORNER: The Sticky Wicket of Conferring with Clients

ReceptionistClients and legal assistants often build a strong and friendly relationship during the course of a case.  Legal assistants act as a go between for the client and the attorney, obtaining and passing along information about the case for both.  While legal assistants exist to make a case run smoothly for both the client and the attorney, discussing the case directly with a client sometimes gets sticky for us.  Legally, we aren’t allowed to provide … Read more

Oct 27, 2017

NOTICE: We’re Moving!

Moving boxesPlease note that our office is moving on Saturday October 28, 2017.  Our new address will be:

121 SW Morrison Street, Suite 1875

Portland, OR 97204

 All other contact information will remain the same.  Please also note that our phones will not be answered from Friday October 27, 2017 at approximately 4:00 PM (because we need to unplug and pack them) until sometime mid-morning on Monday October 30, 2017 when service will be switched over … Read more

Jun 1, 2016

Office Closure on June 3, 2016

Please note that our office will be closed on Friday June 3, 2016 from 10:00 AM until 3:00 PM so that the staff may attend a funeral. We will check messages and emails upon our return to the office. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

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Feb 17, 2016

All New Corporate and Biography Videos for Hunt & Associates, PC

We have FINALLY gotten around to getting a new corporate video done and ended up adding biography videos for both attorneys to boot! Check them out below:

Hunt & Associate PC’s 2015 Corporate Video:

Lawrence B. Hunt’s 2015 Corporate Biography Video:

Charles A. Ford’s 2015 Corporate Biography Video:

We owe a giant thank you to Hybrid Moon Video Productions for their creativity and talent in helping us realize our vision for the above videos! If … Read more

Jun 13, 2011

OnToplist Inclusion

Hunt & Associates, PC - Legal Blog
Add blog to our blog directory.

Yup, we’re still hammering away at the marketing end. Yet another requirement for a badge to be posted to our blog for free inclusion in OnToplist‘s directory. For additional information, please visit their website.… Read more

Jun 7, 2011

Hunt & Associates, PC Video Ad

Check out the final version of our video ad:

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Apr 1, 2011

Blog Rankings

We’re still trudging along the blog marketing route (for more information, see here and here). The newest directory that requires a link in one of our blog entries for verification is Blog Rankings. For additional information, please visit their website.… Read more

Mar 3, 2011

BlogCatalog Inclusion


Continuing along the blog marketing route (for more information, see here), the newest directory that requires a link in one of blog entries for verification is BlogCatalog. For additional information, please visit their website.… Read more