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Feb 23, 2011

Fraudulent Transfers and Irrevocable Living Trusts

The use of trusts in estate planning is a common way for individuals during their lifetime to transfer assets to their children and grandchildren.  Generally, a trust can be established for any lawful reason.  An individual may establish a trust to avoid probate, to reduce potential estate tax liability, to provide for the special needs of a disabled child or grandchild, or to fund a child or grandchild’s education.  Other individuals utilize trusts for nefarious … Read more

Feb 22, 2011

New Hires and Contractual Duties to Prior Employers

Employers want to know who they’re hiring.  If a new hire has a noncompetition, non-solicitation or confidentiality agreement with their last employer, there can be a risk of litigation to their new employer.  The new employer may risk a law suit claiming wrongful interference with contractual relations between the new hire and their former employer or for misappropriation or misuse of the prior employer’s trade secrets.… Read more

Feb 17, 2011

The Addition of Technorati

Our claim token is: 7UXZHDZGRJDX

In an effort to market our blog, one of the tools we employ is submission to online directories which provide inbound links.  One of these directories is Technorati.  In order to do so, the blog owner must post a claim token in a blog post that can be found through their RSS feed.  For additional information, please see their website.

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