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Dec 30, 2011

No Shark Fin Soup for You: Recent Changes to Oregon Laws

Possessors of shark fins, you now have one day (if you read this on December 30, 2011, to sell, trade or distribute any shark fins that you have in your possession.  After December 31, 2011 you will no longer be able to sell, trade or distribute shark fins in Oregon without a license.  California has enacted a similar law.  After December 31, 2011, you also cannot possess shark fins in Oregon – unless you acquired … Read more

Dec 12, 2011

Personal Representative, Executor, Administrator

The words “personal representative”, “executor” and “administrator” all refer to the same individual: the person or company responsible for administering your estate when you pass away.  In Oregon, we refer to this individual as the “personal representative”.  Naming a personal representative in a will can oftentimes be a difficult decision because the client does not know what the personal representative is responsible for doing.  We are frequently asked by clients that we’re drafting wills for … Read more

Dec 7, 2011

Defining the Tort of Wrongful Discharge in Washington: The Interplay of Statutory and Common Law

A recent Washington Supreme Court decision demonstrates how the interaction between administrative and common law is often critically important to the adjudication of employee claims.  Specifically, the court held that an employee has no common law right to a claim of wrongful discharge solely because they are fired for reporting illegal or unsafe conditions of employment where other administrative or legal structures are deemed adequate for protection of the particular public policy which the employee … Read more