Hunt & Associates P.C.

Jan 20, 2012


Our attorneys are in the news again!

Lawrence B. Hunt and Kevin J. Tillson are mentioned in an article entitled “Four Women Say Bosses Got Out of Line”.

And Kevin J. Tillson is mentioned in an article entitled “A Real Failure to Communicate”.

Check them out!

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Jan 18, 2012

Does the Internet Highway Lead to Court in a Distant State?

As businesses increasingly market and sell goods and services through the internet, they should consider the risk that their website activities may subject them to litigation in other states.  Individuals who buy and sell through such internet sites as eBay may also face a possible risk of litigation in a foreign court.  Litigation of any kind is expensive enough without the additional burdens and costs which defending in a distant court can impose irrespective of … Read more

Jan 11, 2012

Seattle Gets a Spanking When it Plays with Guns

Like most children, cities and other local government bodies often forget that they lack innate authority to enact laws; that the only authority they have to enact laws and levy taxes is the authority which their superiors, the state constitution or legislature, grant to them. Also like children, cities and local government bodies often try to evade the limits set by their superiors and, when caught in the act, expend enormous amounts of effort … Read more