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Jan 18, 2013

Packing Up and Moving – Don’t Forget to Tell Your Ex

It’s moving day.  You’re moving from Portland to Eugene to start a new job and be closer to your boyfriend of 3 months.  The truck is packed, the kids are in their car seats, your moving checklist is complete, and it’s time to start a new life and a new job in Eugene.  One small problem, you forgot to notify your ex-husband, and father of the kids, that you were moving.  Surely it’s just a … Read more

Jan 4, 2013

Estate Planning and the Fiscal Cliff

Congress rang in the New Year by enacting legislation to save us all from the “fiscal cliff” the country was precariously dangling from – the “American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012”.    The most important impact the legislation has on estate and gift taxes is that it makes the system that was in place over the past couple of years permanent.

As far as estate and gift tax changes go, there weren’t many made … Read more