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Over Lawyered?

One of my favorite legal blog sites is which pretty well surveys the frequent instances of insanity occurring or produced in our legal system. Two recent posts on that blog illustrate some of the insanities which the legal system has ultimately accommodated if not encouraged.

In an Ohio case two law professors have been fighting each other in divorce court for the past 17 years with more hearings scheduled.  Despite pointed criticism by both trial and appellate courts the parties continue to demonstrate that for some our legal system apparently provides a source of emotional satisfaction which can’t be found at a lower cost elsewhere.

Perhaps it’s somewhat understandable that a domestic relations case might not have ended after 17 years where minor children are an issue.  It’s more difficult to appreciate why it required more than 20 years to reach a trial court judgment, with appeals yet to come, in a New Jersey business case between partners in an ongoing business relationship.  The trial itself consumed two years of judicial time.

In any event, anyone interested in monitoring the development if not the decline of our legal system should check out this blog.

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