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Sep 27, 2013

Estate Planning – It’s Just as Much Life Planning as it is Death Planning

I had a potential client call me earlier in the week asking me if he needed a will.  The caller wasn’t married and had no children or grandchildren.  He didn’t own any real property.  All of his bank accounts had payable on death beneficiaries and he owned minimal personal property.  He had the perfect plan; nothing was going to pass through probate so he didn’t think he needed a will.

Maybe he doesn’t need a … Read more

Sep 4, 2013

Same-Sex Marriages Recognized by the IRS

Same-sex couples legally married in states that recognize same-sex marriages will now be treated as married for federal tax purposes.  In a recent IRS revenue ruling, the IRS now interprets the terms “spouse”, “husband and wife”, “husband”, and “wife” to include same-sex couples married in jurisdictions that legally recognize same-sex marriages.   This is a 180 degree turn from prior interpretations of these terms in prior rulings. In fact the ruling is in direct response … Read more

Sep 3, 2013

Crime Labs or Labs of Crime

There have been several recent stories documenting the recurrent incompetence and dishonesty of crime labs throughout the country.  [See here, here, and here.] The most recent ABA Journal has a good discussion here.   Those crime labs supposedly provide independent scientific evidence supporting an accurate determination of guilt or innocence when, in fact, they most often work in support of the prosecution.  As these articles repeatedly point out, crime labs are often … Read more