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Jan 21, 2014

Government and Cigarettes: The Partnership Continues

It’s ironic that at least some states are defending their records as protectors of large tobacco companies.  That, of course, is because when they settled their claims against the major cigarette manufacturers those states promised to diligently protect those companies from competition in exchange for the billions of dollars the companies offered to pay to the states.  It’s a partnership agreement which has accurately been described as “perverse.”  The companies agree to pay the states … Read more

Jan 17, 2014

Selecting a Trustee: Did I Make the Right Choice ?

When selecting an individual to serve as successor trustee of a trust, they often wonder if they are making the right choice.   Generally, the individual making the trust serves as trustee for so long as they are capable or alive.  Choosing who to serve as trustee in the event the individual becomes disabled or dies can be extremely difficult since the person that you select needs to be responsible and trustworthy.

For the most party … Read more

Jan 10, 2014

A New Year: A Great Time to Update Your Estate Planning

Around the end of each year I like to take an inventory of myself, what I did in the past year and what changed over that time. There have been new additions to my family; I have grown closer to some friends and more distant with others; we’ve moved to a new house; and in general things have changed considerably.  With all of the change, it’s a perfect time to update my estate plan to … Read more