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You Can’t Make It Up – A Homeland Security Panty Raid and Storage Costs for Homeless People

The largest player in our nation’s entertainment industry, government, works hard to demonstrate that it can enhance the triviality of even the most trivial; as it recently did when the Department of Homeland Security conducted a panty raid on a Kansas City lingerie shop to seize “boy shorts”. The shorts’ bottoms exhorted the Kansas City Royals to win the World Series beneath an approximation of the team’s logo which the store’s owner had drawn. Ironically, the owner said that many police officers had purchased the apparently forbidden shorts until the DHS raid. See the full story and a photo here as well as another link to it here.

Walter Olson at his blog has another link to a tale of the governmentally absurd; a New York law that requires the City of New York to pay the costs for storing the personal property of homeless people. For one woman, the City has paid storage costs since 2006 totaling more than $200,000.00. While the cost of storing that homeless woman’s effects has been reduced to about $1,300.00 per month after the City discovered that she had 11 separate storage units for which it was paying a total of $3,585.00 per month prompting litigation and a settlement for the lower monthly amount. The story itself is here with another link to it here.

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