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The Estate Planning Process

The Estate Planning Process form is meant to serve as a roadmap to illustrate how we will work together to create an individualized long term plan for you and your family. Our goal is to design a plan which allows you to utilize, conserve and ultimately, following your death, to transfer your assets to your loved ones. We envision this process to be a collaborative effort, with discrete tasks being performed by each of us in a regular and orderly progression, from start to finish. Our hope is that this roadmap will alleviate any uncertainties you may have as to how this process will unfold and what steps need to occur in order to make it worthwhile for you.

The process begins by you sharing with us detailed information as to the extent of your assets and identifying those who you intend to be the eventual recipients of your wealth. This information is the foundation on which your plan will be built, and we cannot emphasize enough the importance of accurate and complete disclosure on your part. We have developed an Estate Planning Information Sheet to assist you in completing this essential task. By completing this form prior to our initial meeting, you will enable us to devote that meeting time to a more in-depth discussion of what we propose for your individualized plan.

While we envision a regular and orderly progression to this process, you will determine its pace. Once you have provided us with the needed information, we will prepare draft documents for your review and provide you with a written overview of the plan we recommend for you. You will then have the time you need to give careful consideration to what we have proposed and we will encourage you to raise your questions, concerns and comments with us. When you are satisfied with the form and content of the documents, we will schedule a time for you to come to our office to sign them. Our office will then provide you with the completed, signed original documents.

We always welcome your questions and comments, whether about the estate planning process in general or how we can assist you with any of your long term planning.

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