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Dec 22, 2015

Negotiating? What’s Your Approach?

“Like it or not, you are a negotiator. Negotiation is a fact of life. You discuss a raise with your boss. You try to agree with a stranger on a price for his house. Two lawyers try to settle a lawsuit arising from a car accident. A group of oil companies plan a joint venture exploring for offshore oil. A city official meets with union leaders to avert a transit strike. The United States Secretary … Read more

Dec 9, 2015

A Word to the Wise: Act like a Human First and Foremost

Unfortunately, there are some attorneys who are neither quite human nor professional.

The recent mass murders in San Bernardino demand the sympathy of every person for the victims and for the condemnation of their killers. The Farook family attorney, unfortunately, seems both incompetent and a bit less than human by going to the media to assert absurd attempts to defend the murderers as “normal”. Read the article here.

This attorney, like others who show … Read more

Dec 3, 2015

Now Mental Disability Should Never Disqualify a Student for Life as a College Undergraduate

While the reality of some interscholastic athletic programs may have diluted the pretensions of many colleges and universities as institutions of higher education, some schools and governmental agencies now seem intent on wholly abandoning even that charade. For instance, Portland State University and Concordia University have now both adopted programs to accept intellectually disabled students as undergraduates even though these students, generally scoring in the bottom 3% on standardized intelligence tests, will remain unable to … Read more

Dec 2, 2015

Stay off the Tracks! What is the Difference Between Proper and Improper Parallel Proceedings?

“Department policy is that criminal prosecutors and civil trial counsel should timely communicate, coordinate, and cooperate with one another and agency attorneys to the fullest extent appropriate to the case and permissible by law, whenever an alleged offense or violation of federal law gives rise to the potential for criminal, civil, regulatory, and/or agency administrative parallel (simultaneous or successive) proceedings.” Memorandum from the Attorney General of the United States. January 30, 2012.

“To be parallel, … Read more