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Jun 28, 2016

Our Slowing Roads – The War against Our Cars

Traffic - 080416Have you ever wondered why the streets and roads seem increasingly clogged, the traffic more and more congested?  Did you ever wonder if the City just doesn’t want to ever fix the potholes no matter how much money it has to spend on art, bike paths, employee perks and bridges for every means of travel except the cars we actually use most?  In fact, streets and roads are regularly redesigned to impede the flow of … Read more

Oregon: One State, Two Minimum Wage Rates

Beginning July 1, 2016 Oregon has two different minimum wage rates depending on where in the state an employee works.  Here is the link to the Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries (“BOLI”) summary of which minimum wage rate must be paid where in Oregon.

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Jun 16, 2016

Protect Yourself with a Power of Attorney

Most people probably associate the words “guardian” and “conservator” with individuals who are appointed by a court to assist someone else who is, for any number of reasons, incapable of managing life on his or her own.  Indeed, we have established court proceedings in which a judge can appoint a guardian to oversee and protect the wellbeing of a minor or an adult who is incapacitated because of some physical, mental or emotional disability.  Likewise, … Read more

Jun 13, 2016

When the Government’s Production of “Laws” Exceeds Its Ability to Digest Know What It Has Produced

Congress often delegates its legislative authority to administrative agencies which exercise that authority to revise, interpret and define legislation.  The increasing volume of such administration has caused one federal circuit court to note that even the government agencies were apparently incapable of knowing what their own “law” is.

One recent case the appellate court panel noted took the court,

“. . . to a strange world where the government itself – the very ‘expert’ agency … Read more