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Our Slowing Roads – The War against Our Cars

Traffic - 080416Have you ever wondered why the streets and roads seem increasingly clogged, the traffic more and more congested?  Did you ever wonder if the City just doesn’t want to ever fix the potholes no matter how much money it has to spend on art, bike paths, employee perks and bridges for every means of travel except the cars we actually use most?  In fact, streets and roads are regularly redesigned to impede the flow of auto traffic even along the most vital thoroughfares.

As John Charles of the Cascade Policy Institute briefly explains here, those who know what’s best for us are doing what they can to nudge us out of our vehicles through a quiet campaign of subtle obstruction for which they’ve found plenty of money.

Strangely, it’s considered somehow “progressive” to promote walking, a means of human movement older than recorded history, and bicycles, a 19th Century technology, at the cost of the still improving automobile which is both economically and socially fundamental to our way of life.

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