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Oct 31, 2016

Not to Worry about Halloween Candy

candy-corn-1726481_1920Parents have no reason to worry about how safe the Halloween candy their kids bring home will be.  As Lenore Skenazy points out, a recent survey of November newspapers from 1958 to date by Joel Best, a sociology professor at the University of Delaware, produced only two instances where a child was injured from eating poisoned Halloween candy: one child died from candy his dad had poisoned which led to the father’s execution, the second … Read more

The Amount of Your Bills May Surprise You if Measure 97 Passes

Shopping cartsA lot has been written and said about Initiative Measure 97 on the Oregon ballot this November: some of it accurate and true, some of it patently false and misleading.

If enacted, Measure 97 would impose a 2.5% tax on all “C” corporations in Oregon with gross sales of more than $25 million in any tax year.  “C” corporations are the large corporations that sell us our groceries, electricity, gasoline, cars, clothes and other daily … Read more

Oct 27, 2016

Long-Term Care Facilities’ Use of Arbitration Restricted by New Federal Rule

Elder to rest homeMore than 1.4 million Americans reside in one of the more than 15,000 long-term care (LTC) facilities in the U.S.[1]  Late last month, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), the federal agency responsible for those federal programs, issued new rules affecting LTC facilities which participate in Medicare or Medicaid.  Included among these new rules is a prohibition against pre-dispute arbitration provisions.

Up until now, most LTC facilities required their residents to sign contracts … Read more

Oct 7, 2016

Making Kids Register as Sex Offenders for Sexually Exploiting Themselves?

sex offenderAt least one prosecuting attorney offered to drop charges for possession of child pornography against a teenager consisting of photos she took of herself if she agreed to register as a sex offender.  Lenore Skenazy tells the story at her Free Range Kids website.  Is it really a crime for a kid to photograph himself?

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 … Read more

Oct 6, 2016

Of Death and Digital Assets: Where do You Hide your Treasures?

KeyboardMost of us when asked to identify our “assets” will easily recall those items of real or personal property which can be seen or touched; i.e., our home, vehicles, jewelry, etc.  With a little more thought we are likely to summon to mind our bank accounts, certificates of deposit, stock portfolios, retirement plans and 401(k) accounts as being among our assets.  Relatively few people, however, are apt to identify their “digital assets” as property of … Read more

Oct 5, 2016

Charlie Ford to Speak at Another Local CLE

ClassroomCharlie Ford is scheduled be a speaker at a CLE entitled “Estate Administration from Start to Finish“. The CLE is scheduled to take place on Wednesday December 21, 2016 all day beginning at 8:00 AM at the Portland Airport Radisson Hotel which is located at 6233 NE 78th Court in Portland, Oregon. He will be specifically discussing marshalling assets and distributing/closing estates. Sign up for the class using the link above to check … Read more

An Empirical Investigation on the Reception and Detection of Pseudo-Profound Bullshit – Really, We Did Not Make This Up!

RubbishThe Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada helped to fund a recently published study which reports “. . . four studies in which we ask participants to rate pseudo-profound bullshit and other statements on a profundity scale” in an effort “. . . to establish this as a legitimate measure of bullshit receptivity.”  The study, “On the reception and detection of pseudo-profound bullshit”, published in the Journal “Judgment and Decision Making”, vol. 10, … Read more

Oct 4, 2016

Lack of Work Can Turn a Good Lawyer Bad

FilesAt least it was his difficulty attracting business that’s given as the explanation for Nathan DeSai’s transformation from a diligent attorney who always showed up for work every day to a rogue Houston gun man randomly shooting at passing cars until police killed him according to the ABA Journal story.  The moral, of course, is to make sure your lawyer has lots of work.

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