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We Welcome Eliot Thompson to Our Firm

Eliot D. Thompson, Associate AttorneyWe proudly and enthusiastically welcome Eliot Thompson to our firm.  Eliot graduated from Reed College in Portland and then, in 2007, from the University of Virginia School of Law.  He began his career in corporate litigation for a large law firm in Washington, D.C. before spending over three years arguing cases to trial and appellate courts as an Assistant Public Defender in Richmond, Virginia.  Since January 2013 he has been a Deputy District Attorney in Steamboat Springs, Colorado where he worked on both trials and appeals as lead counsel on everything from traffic cases to homicide.  He comes highly recommended by his former employers as focused on finding constructive and practical solutions to legal problems.

Eliot’s years of experience in and around courtrooms will serve his clients well.  It has taught him what the legal system can and cannot do as well as made him a better judge of people and situations.  His courtroom experience has prepared him to reenter the broader world of civil and business law where understanding people and their situations in their legal context will give substance and wisdom to his advice.

Eliot has numerous interests outside of his work.  He runs, plays guitar, sings and writes short stories and songs.  He’s also an avid photographer.  To top it all off, he likes good bourbon and loves to talk about a myriad of subjects unrelated to law.  Expect to smile when you talk with Eliot.  He’ll give his advice thoughtfully, but also with good humor and a subtle wit.

In short, he enhances both the personality and professional strength of our firm.  We’re pleased he has chosen to work with us.  We’re certain you’ll be delighted to work with him as well.

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