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There Are Different Rules for Cops

Drunk drivingEver wonder if police live by the same rules they claim to enforce?

In Minnesota, a sheriff’s deputy convicted of driving while intoxicated for the second time was just reinstated to his job after his second conviction for DUI and fourth alcohol related conviction.  Even though he must blow into a breathalyzer before starting his car to drive to and from work, once on the job he drives without any restriction whatsoever.  Of course, a private employer would have to fire an employee with that record due to insurance requirements if they couldn’t perform work that didn’t demand operation of a vehicle.  Governments apparently don’t have such worries.

The story found on the Cato Institute Police Misconduct’s website is more expansively detailed with a link to the arbitrator’s award.

Interestingly, the deputy’s public employee union goes by the almost entrepreneurial name of “Law Enforcement Labor Services, Inc.”

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