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Using the Duty to Report Child Abuse as a Marketing Tool

In a creative if misguided use of the law requiring many occupations to report to the state’s child protective services whenever they have reasonable cause to believe child abuse has occurred, a Pennsylvania dental clinic is notifying parents of children it has treated that it will need to report them for child neglect if they do not bring their children back to the clinic for treatment.  In its letter to parents the clinic reminds them that failure to provide adequate dental care is legally defined as child abuse.  The clinic claims that it can only assume that the only reason children it has treated have not come back for more treatment is their parents’ neglect, at least until they learn otherwise.

This is just a very public instance of the potential for private mischief when large portions of the populace are deputized to haul other citizens into the administrative maze of government power where even the integrity of their family can be at risk.

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