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Even the Largest Rabbit May Not Be Worth Much Dead

RabbitHave you ever wondered how big is a really big rabbit?  Apparently, a really big rabbit is really big as an Iowa case now pending in federal court has brought to light.  In that case the plaintiffs are claiming damages for the death of Simon, a 10-month-old rabbit that had already grown to more than 3 feet in length.  The story of both the litigation and Simon are most recently linked here.

However, Simon is a mere shadow of his sire, Darius, who holds the title of “World’s Largest Rabbit” at 4 feet 3 inches in length and 50 pounds in weight as noted here.

Some investors in Iowa had flown Simon from his home in Worcestershire, England to Chicago thinking they would make a profit entering Simon in a largest rabbit competition at the Iowa state fair and then use him as a promotional gimmick.

However, as the linked articles from Lowering the Bar discuss, it is highly unlikely that the investors will ever realize more than a pittance from their loss due to the limits on damages imposed by the Montreal Convention of roughly $1.43 per kilogram of loss which would only work out to be $243.10.

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