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Jan 31, 2017

What Becomes Of Fido When You Are No Longer There?

OllieWhen most people think of estate planning, I would venture a guess that their thoughts don’t usually include making provision for their pets in the event of their own untimely passing.  That is not surprising given that most of us assume, correctly, that we will outlive our beloved four-legged companions.  However, experience shows that such is not always the case.  So, as you look deeply into the eyes of your faithful and devoted canine/feline, ask … Read more

Jan 23, 2017

The Crime of the Wild – Know Your Endangered Species

vintage-1830208_1920Although our schools do not equip us to distinguish between the almost 1500 different bugs, lizards, birds, rodents, fish, etc. that the government labels “endangered”, it is now being argued that to take or kill even one of these creatures should be criminal regardless of how innocent or inadvertent the act.  Even an endangered splat on your car’s windshield might render you a criminal and send you to jail.

The Overlawyered story itself has a … Read more

May 9, 2016

The Law Dashes Plans for a Dachshund Dash

Idaho law makes dog racing under any circumstances a felony even if there’s no betting on the races and only dachshunds, aka “wiener dogs”, will race the 30 to 40 foot race course.  Law enforcement authorities, light hearted embodiments of reason and sound judgment that they are, seriously threatened arrests for such a race. Thus the dachshund race at Boise’s “Arena-Weina Extravaganza” was canceled as noted at Lowering the Bar and at Overlawyered.

Of … Read more