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Feb 8, 2018

You Can’t Handle the Truth!

TruthJust the facts, ma’am. How often have you wished for a website that provides factual legal analyses on current events involving the law and legal issues? The American Bar Association has finally answered your prayers! They recently launched a new site they call ABA Legal Fact Check that does just that.  Don’t see your issue addressed on the site? Don’t fret. You can email your own legal questions directly to them to help fight the … Read more

Jul 29, 2014

A Comic Caricature of the Corrupt Judge

If you thought the judge who decided your case was bad, you haven’t met the judge described in this story who was, literally, in bed with one party in an ongoing case before him.

The judge’s response to the disciplinary complaint is a model of brazen stupidity and judicial narcissism worth a moment’s laughing contemplation.

If nothing else, this story is a reminder that judicial corruption probably should be a capital offense.

© 7/29/2014 Lawrence Read more

Aug 15, 2013

Over Lawyered?

One of my favorite legal blog sites is which pretty well surveys the frequent instances of insanity occurring or produced in our legal system. Two recent posts on that blog illustrate some of the insanities which the legal system has ultimately accommodated if not encouraged.

In an Ohio case two law professors have been fighting each other in divorce court for the past 17 years with more hearings scheduled.  Despite pointed criticism by both … Read more