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Aug 11, 2015

Trial by Combat: A Monty Python Skit or a Ninth Amendment Right?

Some might think that trial by combat is now only useful for Monty Python and other comic skits. But take a look at paragraph 26 of this pleading filed recently in a New York case where the defendant, a Staten Island attorney, “. . . demands his common law right to Trial by Combat as against Plaintiffs and their counsel . . .   .”

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Jul 29, 2014

A Comic Caricature of the Corrupt Judge

If you thought the judge who decided your case was bad, you haven’t met the judge described in this story who was, literally, in bed with one party in an ongoing case before him.

The judge’s response to the disciplinary complaint is a model of brazen stupidity and judicial narcissism worth a moment’s laughing contemplation.

If nothing else, this story is a reminder that judicial corruption probably should be a capital offense.

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