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Sep 27, 2016

At Our University You’d Best Keep Your Suicidal Thoughts to Yourself

Depression - 092716Northern Michigan University apparently disciplines students who tell other students they are feeling suicidal or self-destructive because those thoughts might be uncomfortable.  Apparently the school would rather students with such feelings harm or kill themselves than seek help from their peers.  As discussed at Popehat Blog, the school’s approach is contrary to what mental health professionals would suggest.

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Dec 3, 2015

Now Mental Disability Should Never Disqualify a Student for Life as a College Undergraduate

While the reality of some interscholastic athletic programs may have diluted the pretensions of many colleges and universities as institutions of higher education, some schools and governmental agencies now seem intent on wholly abandoning even that charade. For instance, Portland State University and Concordia University have now both adopted programs to accept intellectually disabled students as undergraduates even though these students, generally scoring in the bottom 3% on standardized intelligence tests, will remain unable to … Read more