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Jun 13, 2013

Reminder: Change the Beneficiary Designation on Life Insurance, Annuities, Retirement Accounts, and Bank Accounts Following Your Divorce

I wrote about this in an earlier blog post, but it bears repeating that a divorce is not over just because the judge signed the judgment or decree.  The United States Supreme Court recently issued a decision which emphasized the importance of making sure that following the entry of your divorce judgment you need to update beneficiary designations in life insurance policies and other financial accounts or products that have payable on death beneficiaries.… Read more

May 17, 2011

Is a Divorce Judgment the Final Step in a Divorce?

At the conclusion of a divorce the last person that you want to talk with is an attorney to discuss your estate planning.  However, such a discussion is necessary to avoid unintended consequences and expensive litigation in the event you pass away.… Read more

Mar 30, 2011

Death during a Divorce

In Oregon, a couple is married until the death of one spouse or a judge signs, and the court enters, a formal judgment dissolving the couple’s marriage.  Up until the occurrence of one of these events, the parties are considered married.  Contested divorces generally revolve around who gets what property.  Consequently, when an individual going through a divorce dies during the divorce the question becomes two parts, “what happens to the divorce and who gets … Read more

Nov 23, 2010

Life Insurance and Estate Planning Considerations for Individuals with Minor Children

The use of life insurance is an important tool in the estate planning process.  Married couples with children will obtain life insurance to make sure that that the surviving husband or wife and children are taken care of in the event of a spouse’s untimely death.  Divorced individuals may also have life insurance policies to ensure their children receive appropriate support following their death.… Read more