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Oct 31, 2016

The Amount of Your Bills May Surprise You if Measure 97 Passes

Shopping cartsA lot has been written and said about Initiative Measure 97 on the Oregon ballot this November: some of it accurate and true, some of it patently false and misleading.

If enacted, Measure 97 would impose a 2.5% tax on all “C” corporations in Oregon with gross sales of more than $25 million in any tax year.  “C” corporations are the large corporations that sell us our groceries, electricity, gasoline, cars, clothes and other daily … Read more

Jul 27, 2016

You Can’t Kill the Cow to Get More Milk – Oregon’s Measure 97 and the Destructive Impulse to Over Tax

CowWinston Churchill described the art of intelligent taxation as knowing how to keep the cow healthy and alive so as to maximize its milk production.  The prime directive of good policy is to not kill the cow.  If the cow dies, there’s no more milk.  Without the milk of tax income, government can’t live. In Oregon the cow’s health, if not its life, is now in peril.

Unfortunately, government’s insatiable appetite often tempts it to … Read more