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Dec 12, 2011

Personal Representative, Executor, Administrator

The words “personal representative”, “executor” and “administrator” all refer to the same individual: the person or company responsible for administering your estate when you pass away.  In Oregon, we refer to this individual as the “personal representative”.  Naming a personal representative in a will can oftentimes be a difficult decision because the client does not know what the personal representative is responsible for doing.  We are frequently asked by clients that we’re drafting wills for … Read more

Jun 24, 2011

Oregon Inheritance Tax Bill Passes Oregon House and Senate with Some Tweaks

The house bill analyzed in our previous blog entry, “Future Changes to the Oregon Inheritance Tax Laws” has been passed by both the Oregon House of Representatives and Senate with some tweaks. There is no indication that the governor will further change the bill or refuse to sign it.… Read more

May 17, 2011

Is a Divorce Judgment the Final Step in a Divorce?

At the conclusion of a divorce the last person that you want to talk with is an attorney to discuss your estate planning.  However, such a discussion is necessary to avoid unintended consequences and expensive litigation in the event you pass away.… Read more

Mar 30, 2011

Death during a Divorce

In Oregon, a couple is married until the death of one spouse or a judge signs, and the court enters, a formal judgment dissolving the couple’s marriage.  Up until the occurrence of one of these events, the parties are considered married.  Contested divorces generally revolve around who gets what property.  Consequently, when an individual going through a divorce dies during the divorce the question becomes two parts, “what happens to the divorce and who gets … Read more

Dec 8, 2010

Overview of Federal Estate Tax Changes under President Obama’s Proposed Tax Cuts

President Obama is currently pitching a tax cut program that includes substantial changes to existing federal estate tax laws, including: exempting estates valued at under $5.0 million from federal estate taxes and setting the maximum estate tax rate at 35 percent. Under this plan, couples could potentially pass up to $10.0 million to their children and other heirs without paying federal estate taxes.… Read more