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Feb 1, 2016

Do You Need an Anthropologist to Read a Quit Claim Deed? Perhaps in Oregon You Do

Surprisingly, a recorded deed of title may not be proof of ownership to real property in Oregon depending, among other things, on the cultural idiosyncrasies of the transferor and transferee as disclosed by the expert testimony of an anthropologist. At least that’s the upshot of the recent holding by the Oregon Court of Appeals in Hughes v. Ephrem, 275 Or. App. 477 (2015).

In Hughes the plaintiff obtained a judgment against its debtor and … Read more

Aug 22, 2013

The “Business” of Civil Forfeiture

Federal and state civil forfeiture laws authorize police to seize property which may have been used or obtained through criminal conduct even if the owner has never been convicted or even charged with any crime.  The abuse of civil forfeiture laws by local, state and federal officials has become a subject of genuine concern and discussion.  [See Sarah Stillman’s article of 8/12/13 in The New Yorker; Steven Greenhut’s article of 8/16/13 in Reason; … Read more

Dec 30, 2011

No Shark Fin Soup for You: Recent Changes to Oregon Laws

Possessors of shark fins, you now have one day (if you read this on December 30, 2011, to sell, trade or distribute any shark fins that you have in your possession.  After December 31, 2011 you will no longer be able to sell, trade or distribute shark fins in Oregon without a license.  California has enacted a similar law.  After December 31, 2011, you also cannot possess shark fins in Oregon – unless you acquired … Read more

Mar 30, 2011

Death during a Divorce

In Oregon, a couple is married until the death of one spouse or a judge signs, and the court enters, a formal judgment dissolving the couple’s marriage.  Up until the occurrence of one of these events, the parties are considered married.  Contested divorces generally revolve around who gets what property.  Consequently, when an individual going through a divorce dies during the divorce the question becomes two parts, “what happens to the divorce and who gets … Read more

Oct 5, 2010

There is No Need to Acquiesce in a Condemning Authority’s Entry Onto Your Property to Survey and Conduct Tests in Anticipation of Condemnation


Washington County has just sent out notices to owners of property abutting NW Bethany Blvd. stating that employees of the County’s contractor for the widening of that road intend to come onto their property to survey and test.  The notice assumes the property owners’ consent to these intrusions.… Read more