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Feb 7, 2017

It’s How That Old Joke Goes

EthicsA tax professor, an IRS ethics advisor, and a meth dealer all walk into a bar. Except it’s just one guy.

An adjunct professor at Georgetown Law who also worked in the Office of Professional Responsibility for the Internal Revenue Service was recently charged with selling large quantities of methamphetamines.

If one is considering a similar career path, better to work for Pfizer where the governmental red tape is significantly lessened.

Charges are not … Read more

Dec 12, 2016

Portland Claims the Cure for Income Inequality and Homelessness is More Tax Money for City Government; Surprise!

Homeless manThe City of Portland has just enacted an ordinance imposing a 10% surcharge to the annual city business license tax paid by publicly traded corporations whose CEOs earn compensation when compared with the median worker pay is a ratio of 100:1 or more.  The surcharge increases to an additional 25% of the city business tax if the ratio of CEO compensation to median worker compensation is 250:1 or greater.

The ordinance rationalizes the surcharge as … Read more

Oct 31, 2016

The Amount of Your Bills May Surprise You if Measure 97 Passes

Shopping cartsA lot has been written and said about Initiative Measure 97 on the Oregon ballot this November: some of it accurate and true, some of it patently false and misleading.

If enacted, Measure 97 would impose a 2.5% tax on all “C” corporations in Oregon with gross sales of more than $25 million in any tax year.  “C” corporations are the large corporations that sell us our groceries, electricity, gasoline, cars, clothes and other daily … Read more

Sep 26, 2016

Don’t Ask How Much Money the Police Have Taken

NYPDOddly, the New York City Police Department claims that it can’t determine how much money it has seized from citizens over the past four years.  Apparently, New York City has taken so much money through civil forfeiture in the past four years that it can’t count it all.  The NYPD claims that just trying to figure out how much it has taken through civil forfeiture over that 4-year period would crash its computer system.  For … Read more