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Dec 16, 2010

Out of State Resident Owning Property in Oregon: Will Your Estate Have to Pay an Oregon Inheritance Tax?

With President Obama’s proposed tax cuts passing the Senate, the House is set to vote on the proposed legislation before the end of the year.  If the House approves the legislation as written, individuals that die in 2011 or 2012 and have an estate which is under $5 million dollars ($10 million for married couples), the decedent’s estate will be exempt from the federal estate tax.… Read more

Dec 8, 2010

Overview of Federal Estate Tax Changes under President Obama’s Proposed Tax Cuts

President Obama is currently pitching a tax cut program that includes substantial changes to existing federal estate tax laws, including: exempting estates valued at under $5.0 million from federal estate taxes and setting the maximum estate tax rate at 35 percent. Under this plan, couples could potentially pass up to $10.0 million to their children and other heirs without paying federal estate taxes.… Read more