Oct 26, 2016

We Welcome Eliot Thompson to Our Firm

Eliot D. Thompson, Associate AttorneyWe proudly and enthusiastically welcome Eliot Thompson to our firm.  Eliot graduated from Reed College in Portland and then, in 2007, from the University of Virginia School of Law.  He began his career in corporate litigation for a large law firm in Washington, D.C. before spending over three years arguing cases to trial and appellate courts as an Assistant Public Defender in Richmond, Virginia.  Since January 2013 he has been a Deputy District Attorney in … Read more

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Oct 7, 2016

Making Kids Register as Sex Offenders for Sexually Exploiting Themselves?

sex offenderAt least one prosecuting attorney offered to drop charges for possession of child pornography against a teenager consisting of photos she took of herself if she agreed to register as a sex offender.  Lenore Skenazy tells the story at her Free Range Kids website.  Is it really a crime for a kid to photograph himself?

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Oct 6, 2016

Of Death and Digital Assets: Where do You Hide your Treasures?

KeyboardMost of us when asked to identify our “assets” will easily recall those items of real or personal property which can be seen or touched; i.e., our home, vehicles, jewelry, etc.  With a little more thought we are likely to summon to mind our bank accounts, certificates of deposit, stock portfolios, retirement plans and 401(k) accounts as being among our assets.  Relatively few people, however, are apt to identify their “digital assets” as property of … Read more

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Oct 5, 2016

Charlie Ford to Speak at Another Local CLE

ClassroomCharlie Ford is scheduled be a speaker at a CLE entitled “Estate Administration from Start to Finish“. The CLE is scheduled to take place on Wednesday December 21, 2016 all day beginning at 8:00 AM at the Portland Airport Radisson Hotel which is located at 6233 NE 78th Court in Portland, Oregon. He will be specifically discussing marshalling assets and distributing/closing estates. Sign up for the class using the link above to check … Read more

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An Empirical Investigation on the Reception and Detection of Pseudo-Profound Bullshit – Really, We Did Not Make This Up!

RubbishThe Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada helped to fund a recently published study which reports “. . . four studies in which we ask participants to rate pseudo-profound bullshit and other statements on a profundity scale” in an effort “. . . to establish this as a legitimate measure of bullshit receptivity.”  The study, “On the reception and detection of pseudo-profound bullshit”, published in the Journal “Judgment and Decision Making”, vol. 10, … Read more

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Oct 4, 2016

Lack of Work Can Turn a Good Lawyer Bad

FilesAt least it was his difficulty attracting business that’s given as the explanation for Nathan DeSai’s transformation from a diligent attorney who always showed up for work every day to a rogue Houston gun man randomly shooting at passing cars until police killed him according to the ABA Journal story.  The moral, of course, is to make sure your lawyer has lots of work.

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Sep 28, 2016

If You Think Lawyers Don’t Know What They’re Doing Now, Just Wait

JusticeYep, as indicated in this story in the ABA Journal, it appears the quality of law school students is declining sharply and law school grads are also flunking the bar exam at a record rate.

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Sep 27, 2016

At Our University You’d Best Keep Your Suicidal Thoughts to Yourself

Depression - 092716Northern Michigan University apparently disciplines students who tell other students they are feeling suicidal or self-destructive because those thoughts might be uncomfortable.  Apparently the school would rather students with such feelings harm or kill themselves than seek help from their peers.  As discussed at Popehat Blog, the school’s approach is contrary to what mental health professionals would suggest.

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Sep 26, 2016

Don’t Ask How Much Money the Police Have Taken

NYPDOddly, the New York City Police Department claims that it can’t determine how much money it has seized from citizens over the past four years.  Apparently, New York City has taken so much money through civil forfeiture in the past four years that it can’t count it all.  The NYPD claims that just trying to figure out how much it has taken through civil forfeiture over that 4-year period would crash its computer system.  For … Read more

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Sep 23, 2016

Just Because You’ve Completed Your Sentence Doesn’t Mean We Can’t Later Imprison You for What You Have Not Done

Figure of JusticeA recent 9th Circuit Court of Appeals decision illustrates one of many Kafkaesque aspects of our justice system.  In Clark v. Ryan, Case No. 15-15531 decided September 2, 2016, a three judge panel affirmed the state court conviction and 3-½ year prison sentence imposed for failing to comply with a sex offender registration statute enacted after the petitioner was convicted of the underlying crime.

In 1982 Davie Clark, who was then 18 years old, … Read more

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