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Apr 4, 2018

Using the Duty to Report Child Abuse as a Marketing Tool

In a creative if misguided use of the law requiring many occupations to report to the state’s child protective services whenever they have reasonable cause to believe child abuse has occurred, a Pennsylvania dental clinic is notifying parents of children it has treated that it will need to report them for child neglect if they do not bring their children back to the clinic for treatment.  In its letter to parents the clinic reminds them … Read more

Feb 17, 2016

All New Corporate and Biography Videos for Hunt & Associates, PC

We have FINALLY gotten around to getting a new corporate video done and ended up adding biography videos for both attorneys to boot! Check them out below:

Hunt & Associate PC’s 2015 Corporate Video:

Lawrence B. Hunt’s 2015 Corporate Biography Video:

Charles A. Ford’s 2015 Corporate Biography Video:

We owe a giant thank you to Hybrid Moon Video Productions for their creativity and talent in helping us realize our … Read more

Dec 9, 2015

A Word to the Wise: Act like a Human First and Foremost

Unfortunately, there are some attorneys who are neither quite human nor professional.

The recent mass murders in San Bernardino demand the sympathy of every person for the victims and for the condemnation of their killers. The Farook family attorney, unfortunately, seems both incompetent and a bit less than human by going to the media to assert absurd attempts to defend the murderers as “normal”. Read the article here.

This attorney, like others who show … Read more

Nov 6, 2014

Welcoming Our New Associate Attorney, Charlie Ford

Hunt & Associates, PC

is proud to announce that

Charles Ford

has joined the firm

as an Associate Attorney

Charlie brings an abundance of personal and legal experience to our clients and to our team.

Charlie was born in New York and graduated with highest honors from the United States Merchant Marine Academy as a officer in the merchant marine and a commission as an ensign in the U.S. Naval Reserve. He worked for 9 … Read more

Jul 8, 2014

Introducing Nathan Piers-VanderPloeg; Our New Associate Attorney

Hunt & Associates, PC

is pleased to announce that

Nathan Piers-VanderPloeg

has joined the firm

as an Associate Attorney

Nathan is a native Oregonian. He earned his law degree from the University of Oregon School of Law in 2011, and graduated from Linfield College with a BA in Political Science in 2005.

Nathan was admitted to the Oregon Bar in 2011. Since then he has successfully handled a broad range of legal matters encompassing a … Read more

Jul 30, 2013

Acquisition International 2013 M&A Award


Our firm has received Acquisition International’s 2013 M&A Award for Entity Selection Law Firm of the Year.

You can read more about it in the press release here.







 … Read more

Jul 31, 2012

Bragging Rights

Our firm has been named the USA Leading Dealmaker for the McCoy Sales Corp./Fluid Connector Products, Inc. merger in Acquisition International’s 2012 M&A Awards.

You can read more about it in their press release here: AI MA Press Release







 … Read more

Jun 13, 2011

OnToplist Inclusion

Hunt & Associates, PC - Legal Blog
Add blog to our blog directory.

Yup, we’re still hammering away at the marketing end. Yet another requirement for a badge to be posted to our blog for free inclusion in OnToplist‘s directory. For additional information, please visit their website.… Read more

Jun 7, 2011

Hunt & Associates, PC Video Ad

Check out the final version of our video ad:

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Apr 1, 2011

Blog Rankings

We’re still trudging along the blog marketing route (for more information, see here and here). The newest directory that requires a link in one of our blog entries for verification is Blog Rankings. For additional information, please visit their website.… Read more