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A Word to the Wise: Act like a Human First and Foremost

Unfortunately, there are some attorneys who are neither quite human nor professional.

The recent mass murders in San Bernardino demand the sympathy of every person for the victims and for the condemnation of their killers. The Farook family attorney, unfortunately, seems both incompetent and a bit less than human by going to the media to assert absurd attempts to defend the murderers as “normal”. Read the article here.

This attorney, like others who show up on screens and in print with some regularity, is obviously more interested in the personal publicity gained from a public forum than in promoting either the truth or his clients’ interests. He clearly cares more about making noise that’s heard than expressing thoughts worth listening to.

Like almost all attorneys, our firm carefully guards our clients’ confidences. Like the vast majority of attorneys, we are careful to avoid any public statement concerning a client without first ensuring not only the factual accuracy but also the wisdom of any such statement in light of our clients’ immediate and long term interests. In this respect we’re glad to be just like most other members of our profession.

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