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May 3, 2017

Yellow Traffic Lights are Too Brief but Don’t Try to Tell the State of Oregon’s Board of Engineering Examiners – It Will Certainly Ignore Your Message and Fine You for Speaking

Yellow traffic lightIn an email to the Oregon State Board of Engineering an electronics engineer argued that yellow traffic lights in the state were too brief and thus put the public at risk.  He supported his arguments with calculations and graphs which he prepared at his own cost in his free time.

The Oregon State Board of Engineering disregarded the substance of his email but attacked the author, Mats Jarlstrom, for referring to himself as an “electronics … Read more

Dec 2, 2015

Stay off the Tracks! What is the Difference Between Proper and Improper Parallel Proceedings?

“Department policy is that criminal prosecutors and civil trial counsel should timely communicate, coordinate, and cooperate with one another and agency attorneys to the fullest extent appropriate to the case and permissible by law, whenever an alleged offense or violation of federal law gives rise to the potential for criminal, civil, regulatory, and/or agency administrative parallel (simultaneous or successive) proceedings.” Memorandum from the Attorney General of the United States. January 30, 2012.

“To be parallel, … Read more

Aug 19, 2015

A Problem of Consent: Why Can’t an Attorney be Held to Their Word? Why Can’t an Attorney Consent to Arrest?

The common law had a rule that you couldn’t complain about an injury you invited by consent. That rule, summarized in the Latin maxim “volenti non fit injuria” roughly translated as, “there’s no injury to a willing person”. Hence, when two boxers meet in the ring and fight, neither is charged with crimes of assault or battery nor can either fighter claim damages for personal injuries against their opponent because they consented to … Read more

Aug 6, 2015

Can You Sell Yourself Into Slavery? A “Financial Slave” Sues His Dominatrix and Prompts the Question

In Orlando, Florida a “financial slave” has filed suit claiming that his dominatrix abused their professional relationship. The news story is here.

The 68 year old plaintiff claims that his dominatrix took unfair advantage of his diminished mental capacity during the four years of their relationship while also asserting that financial slavery services by such BDSM “professionals” are not “illegal”. The plaintiff thus ignores the 13th Amendment to the United States Constitution which … Read more