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Can Oregon Survive Self-Service Gas

Gas PumpAs one of my daughters once perceptively noted, Oregon in general and Portland in particular act like middle children always waiving their arms and asking the world to “look at us”.  For some reason, much of the populace in Oregon thinks it is that interesting that others should take notice.

Oregon is somewhat unique in that it is one of only two states that do not allow people to pump their own gas.  That changed somewhat on January 1 of this year when a new state law became effective allowing self-service gas stations in Oregon counties with fewer than 40,000 residents.  That minor change has brought the opposition into the open raising arguments against spreading the contagion of self-service gas stations to the rest of the state.  Hence, considered objections are reappearing such as: (1) the expertise required to pump gas; (2) the danger of becoming scented with gasoline; and, (3) the need to provide jobs to attendants.  As noted in USA Today,  maybe, lacking this core competence of daily life virtually all other Americans share, Oregonians really are unique.

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